Common purge for a horse, 2 oz of Ginger, 2 oz of Julop, 8 oz of Alloes, one dram of salt of tartar, 2oz of sulpher, mix them into 8 bowls with traycl (treacle).

  • Salt of Tartar: potassium carbonate; esp : a pure form made originally by heating cream of tartar.
  • Sulphur: classically known as Brimstone.  It is most commonly used as a disinfectant and antiparasitic in scabies, itchy scalp, fungal infections and other skin diseases.  Taken internally, it is used to relieve chronic atonic diarrhea.
  • Ginger: “wild ginger purges violently upward and downward…’tis diuretick also, and forces the courses.”
  • Aloes: traditionally, aloe was used orally as a laxative.

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