Urin Bowls, one oz of Confer (Campher?), half lb of niter, half lb flower brimstone, corter (quarter) lb of Jension (gentian?) powder, corter (quarter) lb of anseed powder, mix them with tracle, then make your bowls the size you like.

  • Camphor is a waxy, white or transparent solid with a strong, aromatic odor.  It is found in wood of the camphor laurel , a large evergreen tree found in Asia. Dried rosemary leaves contain up to 20% camphor. It can also be synthetically produced from oil of turpentine. camphor is poisonous when ingested and can cause seizures, confusion, irritability, and neuromuscular hyperactivity. In extreme cases, even topical application of camphor may lead to hepatotoxicity. Lethal doses in adults are in the range 50–500 mg/kg (orally). Generally, two grams cause serious toxicity and four grams are potentially lethal. In the circumstances, perhaps Conifer was intended??
  • Conifer? they were widely used by medicine makers in traditional cultures. In fact, conifer trees were used as often as many of the herbs and woody plants and bushes. Accounts of explorers and missionaries, make mention of conifers, including Balsam Fir, Spruce, and Pine.
  • Nitre: a name for saltpetre; called by chemists nitrate of potassium. It is a cooling, sedative salt, when taken internally.
  • Brimstone: also known as sulphur.
  • Gentian: the root of this (and most gentians) tastes at first sweet then intensely bitter and is prescribed for fevers, rheumatism, toxicity of the bowels, and general debility.
  • Aniseed: it helps digestion if it is taken after meals. It also reduces indigestion, stomach pain, vomiting, and constipation. Urine passes very easily.

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