For worms in horses, take a glass bottle of Turner’s Ewes (or Evies?), And give the horse it 3 times a week on an empty stumick (stomach).

The word is difficult to read and in any case there’s no indication of what Turner’s Ewes was. There may be some connection to Turner’s Balsam made in America. In an 1880 advertisement it is said to consist of Horehound & Aniseed. (Below, it suggests this was more useful for colds and coughs, however.)

  • Horehound: 
    Preparations of Horehound are still largely used as expectorants and tonics. It may, indeed, be considered one of the most popular pectoral remedies, being given with benefit for chronic cough, asthma, and some cases of consumption.
  • Aniseed:
    Anise enjoys considerable reputation as a medicine in coughs and pectoral affections. In hard, dry coughs where expectoration is difficult, it is of much value. It is greatly used in the form of lozenges and the seeds have also been used for smoking, to promote expectoration.

Alternatively (and less likely) the reference might be to Turner’s Ether. This was actually sold in small phials to the general public.

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